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Hidden River Cabin

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Pet Policy

Dog in a Field

                               PET  POLICY 
1.  Due to the size of the cabin, we try to limit the number of pets to one large or two small dogs or cats.
2. Bring your pet’s leash, crate, toys, bedding, bowls, food & pet towels.

3. Although we do supply some furniture covers to catch floating pet hair, pets are NOT allowed on the beds or furniture.

4. If your dog gets dirty in the river or elsewhere, please clean him off very well with his pet towels before bringing him back into the cabin.

5. Please bring your pet’s crate for when you have to leave him alone in the cabin OR on the porch. Some dogs may panic when left alone in a strange place!

If your pet will absolutely not stay in a crate, then PLEASE CLOSE THE BEDROOM DOOR when you go out, so he cannot get into the bedroom.

6. For the safety of your dog, neighbor’s pets & the area wildlife, please keep him under control when outdoors. If he runs away in the woods or elsewhere, you may not be able to find him.

7. Please pick up after your dog & deposits go in the can in the fenced yard.




Sitting pooch
I have been a good dog !

Black Cat
I have been a good cat !